Sage Health System

About Us

We know that each healing process is as unique as each patient. At Sage Health System, we incorporate holistic approaches alongside western medicine to give our clients quality service, customized to their lifestyle and goals. Sage Health System is a multifaceted healthcare organization based in San Diego, California with a variety of services to meet all your personal and healthcare needs with our personal in-home care services, home health agency, and residential care facilities.

Revolutionizing Healthcare

We care for more than just your physical health – we care for you as a whole. With the power of integrative medicine, the use of both western and holistic treatments, Sage Health System provides a unique approach to healing. Studies have shown that this combination has led to many successes in health as well as increased patient satisfaction.

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“I can do things you cannot. You can do things I cannot. Together, we can do great things.”

— Mother Theresa

What we offer

Sage Care

Personal in-home CARE & Companionship

Sage Care brings personalized concierge services with holistic approaches to your home to minimize the effects of illness, accident, or disability while ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for regaining health.

Sage in the Ranch


Sage in the Ranch provides expert, in-home medical treatment for those with chronic health conditions, illness, and post-op surgery with the application of holistic medicine and allopathic medicine.

Sage Villa

Residential care facility for the elderly

Sage Villa delivers compassionate, 24/7 care for the elderly with needs including hospice, respite and non-ambulatory care, as well as specialized bedridden care for those with dementia.

Sage Garden

Residential care facility for the elderly

Sage Garden provides 24/7 care, companionship, and assistance in all activities of daily living for the elderly with needs including hospice, respite, non-ambulatory, and bedridden care.


I can not tell you how much I love Sage Care Personal In Home Services Inc. They have been a lifeline for my family and have taken so much stress off my sister and me. We have done 6 other caregivers and none have worked out until we meet with Sage Care Personal In Home Services Inc. They care for their clients and I trust them 200% if you need help please call them you will not regret it.